Customer Testimonials

  • "Until I found intersect candles, I was known as a candle duster as I rarely burned my candles. Intersect candles burn so clean and the scents are so amazing. Prior to my discovery of these candles, I was limited to scentless candles due to my sensitivity to harsh fragrance. These candles throw their natural scents so well and they do not trigger any of my allergies. My go to favorite scents are Sand and Salt, gives me my beach fix, Frazier Fir, a holiday favorite and #11, fresh, clean and citrusy. How can you not appreciate a business that give a portion of sales to a worthy cause. Pawsitve Change."
    - Vicki L
  • "BEST CANDLES EVER!!! If you aren't already my friend then you may not have heard - these are my most favorite candles!  And let me tell you why;  they are gorgeous and the original blends of scents are heavenly!  They are elegant and lovely.  My favorites blends are Crushed Tobacco, #11, Cardamom & Absinthe, The Abbey, Blood Orange Blossom, Grapefruit & Mint, Santal & Jasmine, Sand & Salt, Fig & Teakwood - pretty much all of them. I know when I fire them up they are made with love and care and not negligently from some factory.  They warm my home and when I'm not burning candles, I like to use the sprays in rooms and my car. Intersect is a company with heart.  They gives a portion of their proceeds to help rescue and rehabilitate dogs through the Pawsitive Change program. When I tell people this, they get tears in their eyes learning about this heartfelt transformation. This has purpose and matters. A candle line with heart! These candles are my favorite gifts to give and receive and my friends and family all love them too. I will never stop supporting this company and these lovely candles with a mission. Hope you enjoy them too!"
    - Teri B.
  • "Intersect candles are my #1 go to candles. I have been lucky enough to have been gifted many of these candles and they are just beautiful! Exquisitely designed, elegant and classy. Fabulous scents, not too heavy, and liven every room. Last but not least, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Pawsitive Change, a truly worthy cause.  The combination of all of these things make Intersect candles the best on the market and perfect gifts for every occasion.  I will definitely be adding to my collection. Thank you Intersect!!"
    - Jackie
  • The Sand and Salt candle quickly became my favorite to light. It’s beachy, sexy and makes my living room smell like summer year around. The candle burns clean and the vessels are chic and classy. I have now bought them as gifts and my friends love them. Thank you!!
    - Nicole L
  • I can be pretty picky about my candles so I’m always hesitant about new scents but when I stepped into a friend’s house and smelled Sand+Salt for the first time I fell in love! I needed it in my life! She told me about Intersect’s weekly booth at a local LA Farmer’s Market so I went and got my new fav scents. I definitely recommend : The Crushed Tobacco and of course Sand+Salt and since I travel a lot for work I love the travel tins. AND THEY DONATE TO RESCUE DOGS!!! I’m excited to try future scents since they are always creating new ones. The Rose Gold Chevron is to die for!
    - Kristine Miller ~ Sherman Oaks CA.
  • I LOVE my Intersect Candles. My favorite is Crushed Tobacco! You guys told me it was the number one scent and for good reason. It has a rich, smoky, sweet scent. I have never known a candle to have this unique (and enjoyable scent). I also am partial to Santal and Jasmine. It is more subtle but fills a room with the most amazing and comforting aroma. Honestly, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of their candles. As long as you guys keep pouring, I’ll keep buying.
    - Steven C.
  • I use Intersect Candles in my office and at home. Three years ago I found Intersect Candles, and now burn them exclusively! The scents are lovely, and never overwhelming. The candles are hand poured and the wicks are made so that the candles burn evenly with a warm and perfect flame. They have made perfect gifts, so much so that I keep a supply on hand so I never run out. The fact that they also support dog rescue, sealed it for me.
    - Dorain W. ~ Palm Springs
  • I cannot say enough great things about intersect Candles. I have so many favorites throughout the years since Michelle started her business. I have reasons for different candles for different rooms. I love the Frazier Fir for the holidays. I love the Fig and Teakwood for my bedrooms, my bathrooms I often switch between the Grapefruit and Mint and the Sand and Salt. My absolute favorite has to be Crushed Tobacco. Intersect Candles is by far my go to candle for any gift or special occasion. I love that they donate a portion of their proceeds to Pawsitive Change Program.
    - Stacy D. ~ Palm Springs
  • I am a candle snob! Not only about which ones I’ll burn in my own home but also, which I’ll give as gifts. Consistently, when I give an Intersect Candle to someone, they want to know where to buy more so they can keep the wonderful olfactory experience going. The Crushed Tobacco is the truest representation of that hard to capture scent that I have ever found. I also love Blood Orange, The Abbey and Frazier Fir. I also love knowing that when I buy Intersect, a portion of the purchase price is donated to charity.
    - Kelly Ekizian ~ Westlake

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